About Me


I’m Ashley, a 20-something writer who loves to fill people’s bellies with good food and hear their responses to questions from the Conversation Jar.

This is my personal blog.  I hope you find something that encourages you to think critically about your faith while at the same time resting in the mystery of God. Those are the main things I talk about on here with an occasional Lucy story and recipe.

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More About Me

My heart is held tightly and tenderly by a handsome Hungarian. We met on a mission trip in Hungary with a strict no-dating-the-locals policy (oops).  What can I say?  I believe in mission trip love.  We’ve been married for 5 years, and we like road trips, walking our dog, and daydreaming about the future.  JD likes to educate me on annuity funds and stock broker gibberish while I jabber on about poetry and blogs.


We are in love with our sweet puppy, Lucy.  She is rambunctious, friendly, and snuggly.  She makes us laugh when she talks to her stuffed dinosaur and barks at menacing butterflies.  You can check out more pictures of her by following me on Instagram at @ashleydargai or looking up Lucy’s hashtag:  #lucytheboxerpup.


We reside in the DFW area, and we love Texas and its tacos.

I’m interested in the convergence between creating community and creating Sabbath space.  I oscillate between the desire to live in a cabin in the mountains, miles away from another human, and the desire to live in a loud, vibrant community with block parties and scooter races.  My life is somewhere in between.

I haven’t always been a cook, but once I started, it snowballed into a daily pleasure and challenge.  Now my happy place is the kitchen with the Josh Garrels Pandora station playing in the background.  However, I am known to eat a bowl of popcorn for dinner from time to time, and I make no apologies. 

If you want to know more about me, take a look around.  Please subscribe and comment–I want to hear from you!  Let’s be friends–I will cook you food and ask you questions.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Ashley! My name is Jennifer. Our mutual friend Stephen Colwell told me we should connect. I’m a writer (godscout.com) and ex-English teacher and I think we probably have much, much in common. Anyway, I’ll be at Brentwood in February speaking in chapel. We should meet up!

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