Communion Thoughts: Elephant in the Room

Occasionally, JD and I offer the meditation for the Table at church.  We love doing this because we get to sit down together and talk about the Table, and usually one of us has already been stewing on something to say.  Being on the list of those who offer meditations has allowed the Table to be in the back of our mind as we go throughout our day, sensitive to the Spirit revealing a different way that the Table brings us together.  This is my favorite liturgical practice.

Last week, we read about the stillness of Mary at Jesus’ feet and the need to drop our Martha facade so we can sit down and hear Jesus.  I came across this poem in my daily poetry reading a few weeks ago and marked it for our next communion thoughts.  Perhaps our busyness is one of the big elephants in the room in the Church.  I like to share our Table meditations on the blog, so here it is:


Reading: Luke 10:38-42

Some…have an elephant to show.
No one here has ever seen an elephant.
They bring it at night to a dark room.

One by one, we go in the dark and come out
saying how we experience the animal.

One of us happens to touch the trunk.
“A water-pipe kind of creature.”

Another, the ear. “A very strong, always moving
back and forth, fan-animal.” Another, the leg.
“I find it still, like a column on a temple.”

Another touches the curved back.
“A leathery throne.” Another the cleverest,
feels the tusk. “A rounded sword made of porcelain.”
He is proud of his description.

Each of us touches one place
and understands the whole that way.
The palm and the fingers feeling in the dark
are how the senses explore the reality of the elephant.

If each of us held a candle there,
and if we went in together, we could see it.
“The Elephant in the Dark” by Rumi

When we sit at the feet of Jesus like Mary, we each experience God differently.

May the Table be a place where we all bring our candles of experience together to illuminate the dark room.

May in our interactions we say, “This is who God is. This is what I know to be true of Him.”

In this practice, that Jesus, the life and light to men and women, has set up for us, may we see the face of God in the candlelit glow of one another.


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