Summer Review: House Projects

This summer has been incredibly productive. We are in our first house, and the first rental that we can actually paint. I’m not sure how long we’ll be in this house–hopefully for a few years after the work we’ve put into it–but I really wanted to make it our own while we’re here.

Thus, our summer of projects began. Lucy was originally going to go to a two-week board and train program in the middle of June, so we were scheduling paint time during that time frame. Then she ate a bottle of Tylenol and the vet said we should keep her home for another month to monitor her. Great.

So we re-planned paint time for mid-July and invited my parents to help us (or begged… the details are fuzzy), and a week before she was to go to training, the vet said that actually… we need to spay her now. Her training time was put off for another three weeks. The night I called to reschedule her training AGAIN, I heard JD singing, “They tried to make me go to training, but I said no, no, no.” My parents still came to help paint and brought their pups, and we made do with three dogs wandering around.

Look at our colors!

IMG_1422Office with sofa bed (second guest room)

IMG_1423Our bedroom

IMG_1421Living Room


My dad also helped us collect supplies and strategize to make this shelf. We put it up a few weeks later!


Over the summer, I collected a few extra books–some from Half Price, some from B&N, some from Goodwill, some from a warehouse. But we had zero bookshelves working for us. ZERO.

Books2FullSizeRender (1)

Then my brother sent his new-ish bed down to us because he was moving into a furnished apartment, and so I gained two shelves for my immediate to-read books. Check.


Along with the bed, my dad sent some pieces of an old Container Store bookshelf to help with our [good] problem, and with some help from Hyunjin, our end-of-summer guest, we put it together. Now about half of our books have somewhere to rest.


We put our old bed in the guest room, carted out the stockpile of knowledge, and set up a retreat for future guests.

FullSizeRender (2)


Along with the guest room, we put together our guest bathroom, and my final project was to convert an old pallet I found at school into a decorative shelf.

With some wood stain and leftover paint from the kitchen, it was pretty easy to transform it. We added an old shelf we had used in our first apartment to create a continuous surface in the middle to put bathroom essentials.


This summer has housed friends and family, leisured with a good book followed by a nap, and nested our house with paint and projects. I’m sad to see it go, but I’m grateful it was so full.


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