What I Learned in July

It’s August 1.  I am refusing to believe August is here for just a little while longer.  To help me do that, here’s my semi-regular monthly list of what I learned in the month of July… the silly, the serious, the goofy, the heartwarming.

1. We all need an activity in which there are no such things as mistakes. In Zentangles, there are few rules: 1.No erasing, 2. There are no mistakes. If you make a mistake, you transform it into something new. Perhaps there’s a lesson there. Regardless, Zentangles are pretty and fun and mindless and perfect for catching up with friends during the summer.
Zentangle zentangle2

2. There is something about a stack of books that thrills me. Maybe it’s the anticipation or a Pavlovian response, but thinking about reading all of these books makes very excited. Shoutout to secondhand stores and book giveaways!
3. Did you know people leave amazing things on their curb in south Austin? Like this Crate and Barrel, barely scratched cabinet thing (note to self: look up what it’s called)? They do.
4. Family time gets sweeter as I get older. My parents came down to help us paint and my brother and cousin came down to have some fun paddle boarding and exfoliating. One weekend I’m a grown-up learning paint tips from my dad, the next weekend I’m making pancakes for my youngins even as I feel 10 years old again with them. It’s weird and fun and sweet.
5. Speaking of paint… oops paint is super cheap. I already knew this, but what I didn’t know was that if it has the right hue, you can ask the desk to mix a new color out of oops paint for you instead of opening a brand new can of paint. You just have to be flexible on the shade. We didn’t do this for all of our paint, but we did do it for two of our colors, including the yellow on our kitchen wall!
6. Our church is the place for us. I already knew this in the same gradual way the heat of the afternoon creeps up on you, but this month, JD and I have been a part of some church-growing conversations, and we are so blessed by the prayerfulness of our leaders. These church-growing conversations are not about numbers, but about spiritual growth and our identity as a church, which makes JD and I feel secure in our church family. We are not a number or part of a headcount. We are fellow workers in God’s field.

7. There is a part of me that is a cheerleader. But that is not all parts of me. I spent my last few days as cheer coach at cheer camp last week, and it was really fun and stressful and bittersweet. Coaching cheerleading has been a joy in my life the past two years, watching the girls grow and succeed, having mini-dance parties at 6:30 AM, being a trustworthy adult to some amazing young women. But there is a time to move on. Being at cheer camp last week was the perfect send-off (it was SO fun), but it also affirmed that I had made the right decision in passing the team off to someone else. Closing the door of cheerleading means opening the door to other things.
cheerpicWhat did July teach you?


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