What I Learned in June

I can’t believe it’s been exactly 4 weeks since school let out.  I’m grateful for more than 4 weeks left of summer.  Here’s what I learned in June… the silly, the serious, and everywhere in between.

1. Doing massive purging in my closet is empowering. I heard about the capsule wardrobe a month before school let out, and I’ve been working to sort through all the items that I’ve held onto needlessly since then. The aim was to create less stress. And it worked. Here’s a picture of all of my clothes, summer, winter, and in between.  It feels wonderful to have it in one non-crammed closet!
2. Summer allows for discoveries, big and small. Frozen cherries in granola? Yes, please.
3. There is an awesome dog-sitting site (rover.com among others) that matches your dog with a rated, qualified dog-sitter instead of leaving them in a kennel! We are pumped about Lucy’s vacation when we head over to Hungary for Christmas. Oh yeah, we’re spending Christmas in Hungary this year. Currently looking for some good snow boots.

4. Prayer is less about eyes closed and meditation, and more about daily rhythms, acknowledging God’s presence as I fold laundry and feel the sun on my arms and sit next to JD at church. I recently read Pray All Ways by Edward Hays, and it has made me think about prayer in the ordinary movements of my day (chewing my food, laughing, etc.).

5. I grew up in and out of the houses of my extended family, and I used to be sad about growing up because I was afraid that I wouldn’t have good relationships with my family as I got older. When my mom told me that she didn’t talk to her cousins very much, as a 10-year-old looking forward to a sleepover with my own cousin, I was devastated. I knew adulthood would be the end of all fun. But that hasn’t been the case. While we’ve grown up and moved all over the map, it’s been wonderful getting to know my cousins as adults and having grown-up conversations with my aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Relationships don’t have to end when they change.
6. In the heated political climate and the violence all around us, I’m grateful for big picture people like this pastor, the loving work of Jeremy and others at Preemptive Love, hard yet needed words by Rachel, and the people closest to me that speaks words of life not just on Facebook but also in person.

June has been a historic, rainy, full month.  What have you learned?


3 thoughts on “What I Learned in June

  1. I’ve bought that book for my kindle, thanks to your recommendation. I’ve been thinking SO MUCH about this very thing lately and then when I read your post I thought “this is it… what I need.” Thank you! I’m excited to read it!

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