Ode to My Parents: Adventure

My youngest brother recently moved out of my parents’ house and into his own apartment. We were all very proud of him.

So my parents were left with a big, beautiful house, an empty nest. They had moved around the DFW area for years, housing their kids and pups, hosting family celebrations, creating family movie night extravaganzas (like the weekend that we watched all the Harry Potter movies), preparing a bed for JD and me when we returned home.

Once the last kid was out the door, they moved to a downtown apartment up the street from some of the best food and entertainment venues. Mad respect.

This move represents so much: joy, hope, a newness of life. A willingness to embrace the season they’re in. My parents get to have a whole new life together (they married as infants). Something I’ve always admired about my parents, and something I hope to inherit, is their ability to reinvent themselves, to start over, to forge a different path.


My dad has had successful careers as a salesman, a football coach, and now a real estate agent. My mom has been finishing her college degree the past couple of years, and she genuinely loves school. On the way to dinner the other night, she had class notes in her lap to review, and I heard her say, “Why is supply and demand so hard?” She was studying economics on the way to Tex-Mex food! Who does that?

Mom and Dad take what has been given to them, and they do something whimsical with it.

My parents are cool and strong and brave. They’re adventurers, and I hope to be like them.



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