Prayer for 2015

2013-10-12 14.03.01

Over the past week, I’ve been reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. It’s a book about overcoming shame and embracing vulnerability. As I’ve read and taken copious notes (it’s not my copy of the book), I’ve realized how much shame drives my life.

In chapter 3, Brown describes shame as “fear of disconnection; fear that something we’ve done or failed to do, an ideal that we’ve not lived up to, or a goal that we’ve not accomplished makes us unworthy of connection.” She then says there are three truths about shame:

1. We all have it.
2. We’re all afraid to talk about shame.
3. The less we talk about shame, the more control it has over our lives.

So my prayer for 2015 for me, for my family, for you is this:
May we see shame for what it is and shed it like an old skin. May we step into our story and embrace it, owning all parts of it, the heroic and the dirty. May when we feel shame we reach out rather than retreat within. May we love and care for ourselves so that we can love and care for others. May we experience true connection this year.


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