Blog Reformat

Hello all! After months of abandonment, silence, and merciless food Instagrams with no recipes in the foreseeable future, I call out from the abyss of bloglessness. Can you hear me?

Because of my full-time and half a job of teaching, I have finally come to peace that I cannot maintain the blog in the way that I had originally planned. It’s true, I am a mere mortal. I’m still coming to grips with it too.

But that doesn’t mean that the blog is going away. It simply means that I’m reformatting how I do blogging.

I’ve shifted the main purpose of the blog and its schedule in order to make it sustainable for me and more enjoyable for you. There are things that I do in my day-to-day that I want to share, but before, I wasn’t quite sure how to fit it into the context of a food-centered blog. However, I don’t remember signing a contract with myself about the format of my blog being set in stone for the next 50 years, so I’ve reformatted it. Take that, self! Thus, instead of being food-centered, it will be life-centered with recipes appearing often. A switch, if you will.

So what should you expect?

1-2 posts a week with one of those posts being Saturday.
A (delicious) recipe every other week.

Pretty simple.

My non-recipe posts will come from what my heart is really after in blogging: sharing what I’m learning, how I’m learning, who I’m learning from. I will introduce you to the train station that is my current reading list, give you a peek into my 1000 gifts list regularly because I need more gratitude practice always, write odes to the finer things in life (Saturdays, coffee, bubble baths), and chat a little about how I’m still growing up.

As a teacher and lifelong student, I think learning is part of what makes life full, whole, and beautiful. So whether I’m learning how to make a homemade poptart (I can dream) or how to have peace in life’s transitional phases, feel free to peek in and try with me. I won’t tell anyone you took the last of the jelly filling for the poptart if you don’t tell anyone I said a swear word yesterday when I was really mad at life.



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