Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to Feasting!  I hope you’re hungry.

After posting recipes in the comments of Instagram photos and text messages, I figured it was time to start a blog and do this right.  I love sharing the delicious food we eat every day with you, so why not make it official?

The primary purpose of this blog is to provide whole foods, plant-based recipes to those who don’t know where to begin.  The secondary purpose of this blog is to encourage a lifestyle of feasting, of savoring each moment as it comes, of being thankful for each event.  Because of these two purposes, I figured Thanksgiving would be the perfect day to launch my new blog.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.  There’s something about family gathering around the table (and the cranberry sauce) that brings my heart warmth and my soul peace.  After the meal, the men will loosen their belts and settle in for some football, which is code for napping.  The women will sit close together and chat.  The kids will sneak another cookie and then sit in a sugar stupor for an hour or so.  It’s home.  It’s family.

For a few hours, no one has to answer phone calls.  No one has to leave early.  We’re just together.

JD and I have spent the last 3 Thanksgivings with extended family and friends.  It’s been nontraditional, but just as familiar.  This year, my parents will be driving down to spend some time with us and eat a lot of delicious, plant-strong food, and I have felt myself preparing for that feast over the past week.

I look forward to sharing this part of my life with you because it means so much to me.  I love cooking, but even more so, I look cooking for others, so I hope you become a part of Feasting.

Feasting is about delicious food, but it’s more than just a celebration of food and company.  Feasting is also an approach to life.  Savoring moments, slowing things down, being nourished body and soul.  What makes us feel full?  What makes us feel satisfied?  Warm?  At home?

Tomorrow, I’ll post my first recipe, one of our favorites because it’s delicious and so easy.

I anticipate posting 3 times a week, including the Sunday Morning Breakfast series that I’ve started on Instagram.

Please subscribe via RSS or email (on the right) and join me at the table.  Let’s feast together.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog!

  1. I couldn’t be more excited! I not only get to eat all the deliciousness that are about to go viral here but also feast life with you. You go babe!

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